Meet Our Equine Experts

Erin Newkirk, DVM

Dr. Erin Newkirk is the go-to veterinarian for Equine Wellness and Reproduction in all of South Florida.

Dr. Erin Newkirk is a 2007 graduate of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and a valued team member at Wellington Quarantine. Dr. Newkirk is a well rounded veterinarian proficient in all aspects of equine medicine. 

Today, Dr. Newkirk’s efforts have been directed toward enhancement and development of her own WellGrove Equine’s reproduction service and care which includes an extensive laboratory to support equine breeding and reproduction medicine. In addition, Dr. Newkirk is one of the most experienced professionals involved in the testing procedures for CEM Import in the United States, Dr. Newkirk was chosen by the Department of Agriculture to lead the symposium on CEM protocol.

Jacqueline Giles, DVM

Dr. Jacqueline Giles was born and raised in Atlantic Canada. She graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island in 2014. 

Dr. Giles’s background is diverse, having served at equine referral centers in both Alberta, Canada, and more recently in South Florida since 2016, where she gained more reproduction-based experience under the mentorship of Dr. Erin Newkirk. 

Dr. Giles is exceptional with all things related to Equine Wellness and Reproduction and is a heralded member of the WellGrove Equine team.

Alexandre Rocha, DVM

Rachel Witt, DVM

Annemette Minor

Annemette Minor is the lead Veterinary Technician at WellGrove and a top equestrian professional in South Florida; proficient in all things reproduction, stallion handling and more. Prior to arriving in the United States in 1989, Annemette graduated from school in Denmark, where she rode and taught both dressage and jumping.  She is a lifeline for our veterinarians, a whisperer to the horses we treat, and an invaluable member to our team.

Outside of work, Annemette is passionate about working with Standardbred Race Horses. She is an advocate for the sport and is involved on many levels as an owner, trainer, and rider.  

Maggie Schuette

Maggie Schuette is our Business Manager, Facilities Manager, and Services Coordinator.

In addition to Maggie’s strong business acumen, she is also a skilled veterinary technician with superior horsemanship and handling skills.

Maggie grew up just outside of Chicago, IL, where she fell in love with horses at the age of 8.  She began travelling to South Florida with her family during the equestrian season at the age of 14, making the move permanent in 2015 when given the opportunity to manage one of the largest and most active equine operations in Wellington.

When she isn’t working, Maggie enjoys spending time with her own horses and with her family. 

Autumn Langworthy

Born and raised in Loxahatchee, FL, Autumn defines “Equestrian,”  demonstrated by her proficiency as a technician, both in the field and in the reproduction laboratory.  Prior to joining our team, Autumn developed her skills in breeding and selling western performance horses, while also showing top-level horses (including western performance, hunters and jumpers) across the United States.  She is an expert handler of stallions, mares, and young horses, making her a valuable asset to our clients and our veterinary team.  Autumn’s passion for horses and animals in general show in her quality work.  She is thorough, consistent, compassionate, and most of all, skilled in her trade.

Michael Newkirk

Michael Newkirk serves as President and CFO of WellGrove Equine and WellGrove Quarantine, but you might also find him picking stalls at the clinic, doing handy work, or answering phones.

Michael has owned and operated multiple companies ranging from pharmaceuticals,  durable medical equipment, telecommunications, and digital marketing. Born and raised in Kentucky, Michael has always had a fascination with horse racing and other equine sports, but was immersed in to the equine veterinary world when he and Dr. Erin Newkirk married in 2005. 

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