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Healthy Foundations
Foal Wellness

Give your foal the best first-year of life possible!

Whether you are “expecting” for the first time, or you’ve had hundreds of foals in your barn, one thing is for sure… It takes dedication, logistics, and lots of intuition to make sure that your next Champion gets all of the crucial care necessary during it’s 1st year. Anything left to chance can derail a foal’s development, long-term potential, and even lead to death.

The Healthy Foundations Foal Wellness Program is your solution for making sure nothing gets missed and problems are spotted by a qualified veterinary team. You deserve to relax and let someone else take the initiative so you can enjoy your new Unicorn stress-free!

Dr. Erin Newkirk explains…

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, managing a foal’s 1st year is extremely involved and rarely goes exactly as planned. Even the most vigilant owners and teams often miss important procedures, vaccines, wellness checks, and milestones… mostly because life just gets in the way.

Managing a foal’s 1st year is unlike caring for any other horse or condition. Missed reminders and scheduling logistics between multiple parties and your veterinary team throttles progress. To make matters worse, often when problems become apparent in foals, it can be too late.

The Healthy Foundations Foal Wellness Program is designed to shift the burden of scheduling, planning, and tracking progress of your foal to our team so that you can relax. Instead of waiting for you to remember to call us and ask for the many things your foal needs in its first year, we become your agent and concierge-level provider. We schedule for you, with your team, and around your operations. We eliminate the gaps in care and prevent missed-follow ups. You can rest assured that your foal will receive every advantage possible during its first year, that no services or milestones are missed, and that if “life gets in the way” for you, it will not get in the way of your foal’s development and livelihood.

The Healthy Foundations Foal Wellness Program is comprehensive and includes the following:

  • 8 farm visits with no call fees
  • 8 physical exams and reports at strategic timepoints to identify issues early and give feedback on your foal’s development
  • Full set of bloodwork (IgG, SAA, Complete Blood Count and Chemistry) at first exam after foaling
  • Fullbucket Kick Start Kit (7 day probiotic program to help establish a strong & healthy GI tract)
  • Recommended fecal exams and deworming (foals require different deworming strategies compared to adults)
  • All Recommended vaccines and boosters to keep your foal covered
    • 3-dose series:
      • 1st dose at 4-6 months of age
      • 2nd dose 4-6 weeks after 1st dose
      • 3rd dose at 1 year of age
    • EEE, WEE, Tetanus, WNV, Flu, Rhino, Rabies
  • Unlimited Virtual Consults with your veterinarian team

We offer two payment options:

  • Option 1: 1-Time payment of $2,100
  • Option 2: 3 monthly payments of $750 over the first 90 days of the program

Both options are all-inclusive prices for the Healthy Foundations Foal Wellness Program and are more economical than paying for all of the services individually, making this a money-saver. All of the services described are part of this price and there are no other costs involved, however the package does not include after-hours, emergency fees, or other services not included in the package.

You are saving money! All of the services we include in the Healthy Foundations Foal Wellness Program would total over $2,500. Our clients who utilize this program save anywhere from $250 – $500 on average. Besides, it’s money you are going to spend taking care of your foal anyway… this program simply makes it more predictable and easier on the budget.

It’s best to enroll your foal before it is born so that we can provide the premium services on Day 1 of its life.

Yes. The price of the program would be prorated to reflect the age of the foal at enrollment so that you don’t pay double for any services already provided before enrolling.

Foal owners can rest assured that if they sell their foal, move away from our service area, or decide to opt-out of the program at any time, we will issue a credit to their account for any unused services to be used in the future. Additionally, the remainder of the program can be transferred to the new owner if desired.

To learn more and speak to our team, call or text us below or click the link below to inquire.

What Our Clients Say

Helen F

Great facility. Clean, very friendly staff, with a laid-back atmosphere. Great space to ride with two rings and ample amount of jumps and a dressage mirror. Nice big stalls, along with the nice calm location, seemed to make the horses adjust really well after their long travel.

Helen F

Had a great time there, and my horse was happy and well looked after in a nice big stall. The staff is fun and know what they are doing. They also always took the time to answer my questions. It has 2 rings for lunging and riding, turn out for the horses, just a great atmosphere. Can’t wait to come back

Nancy J

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