Frozen Semen Straws

How many straws are in a dose? The number of straws in a breeding dose can be highly variable within the industry. For some stallions, there may be doses on the market that are 1, 2, 3 or 4 straws per dose, typically based on post-thaw motility of that lot and the recommended breeding dose of 200 million progressively motile sperm.

But what happens if a straw cracks or is damaged, or you don’t have access to a vet with advanced techniques such as deep horn insemination? Can you trust  that your mare is getting what she needs to actually achieve pregnancy? Does your anxiety level go as the number of straws goes ? Select Breeders Services® and their affiliate labs have standardized all doses to be comprised of 8 straws, regardless of post-thaw motility. This way when you receive 8 straws you know you have a full dose. SBS semen is frozen at a concentration of 200-250 million/mL, resulting in a total of 800 million to 1 billion sperm in a final dose volume of 4mL.This allows breeders to trust that each dose exceeds the industry minimum of 200 million progressively motile sperm per dose after thawing. In addition, the 4 mL breeding dose is more forgiving and flexible for the average breeder to work with and use without having to rely on advanced techniques or vets.